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Dysfunctional - DySfUnKtIoNaLe oBjEkTe

Naama Freedman | Gerland Oye | Joschina Zeppelin
Exhibition at Frappant Galerie, Hamburg, 05-07.02.21

Coming from the fields of performance, sculptural art and design, we merged in an area of overlap concerning dysfunctionality on different levels. Objects without a purpose or obvious malfunction caught our attention, we started to question what the mechanisms behind our viewing habits are. How do we react to the unexpected, why do we find comfort, humor or maybe distraught in the imperfect?
In our group exhibition we wish to give space to breaking the seriousness of smooth and highgloss viewing habits we find ourselves exposed to on a daily basis. At which point does overoptimization turn into dysfunction? We are curious to see if you can relate to our sympathy for failed optimization or share a soft spot for the absurdity in everyday items.

In lieu of physical attendance due to COVID19 a livestream tour of the exhibition was held including a music performance, and a virtual 3D tour is available online:

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