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The Pop Puppies



Assaf Bloom: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Programming

Yaron Sivan: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Programming

Nimrod Katzir: Keyboards, programming

Naama Freedman: Vocals, keyboards, percussion

Tamar Gomel: Vocals

Zoremet - The Pop Puppies
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The Pop Puppies was a an electro pop band that existed for about two years. Influenced by bands such as Depeche Mode and New Order, with lyrics that revolved around the alienation and loneliness of urban life as well as humorous. Over time the band gained a cult following. Songs such as “Zoremet”, “Emesh BaMilk”, and “Layla BeBerlin” received airplay on Israeli radio stations and played by DJs in dance bars around Tel Aviv. After performing several shows across the country, the band finally disbanded.


“The Pop Puppies create a dark and sexy pop scene,

with balls of punk…” -Dafna Arad, Haaretz

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