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Performing With Words – Artistic Vocal Workshop

In this workshop we will learn how to make the best use of our voices and gain confidence in front of other people. Whether reading a poem, reciting a text, or singing a song, we will learn that it is not about having a “pretty voice” but rather to mean the words we say. Through collective and individual work we will explore together new possibilities for expression.

The workshop offers a holistic approach to performance drawing from various fields - vocal coaching, theater, textual analysis and interpretation, as well as yoga. As such, it welcomes participants from different disciplines who wish to deepen their understanding of their performative skills and working with text.

In the past two years I had the opportunity to host workshops in Belgium and the Netherlands. It can be held as a one time session with a group of up to 10 people or as a one on one class, as well as recurring sessions which allow for more in-depth work. Potentially it can also be modified to fit larger audiences.

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