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Young Birds


Released together with Dutch band Ambassade.

‘Young Birds’ is based on an old traditional folk song which has been re-arranged a couple times throughout the years, most notably as a gabber hit. With its mesmerizing female vocals and enchanting harmonies, it is a haunting piece which spans over 8 minutes.

The pulsing 'Palette' originally revolved around a voice sample from the film “Brussels by Night”. The combination of sequence and extended legato vocal parts creates a tense atmosphere which builds up to the very end.

Témoin d'amour

Reverberation Percussion ft. Naama Freedman


A collaboration (text, vocals) with the Berlin based Reverberation Percussion on their album Hybrid. 

“For you it's a story, but I relive everything…” – The text is an edited excerpt from the testimony of “Le témoin X1”. By rearranging the text it is transformed from a story of trauma into a story of strength and acceptance.

Al Tadliku Li Ner

Naama Freedman, Mona Steinwidder


A collaboration with Hamburg based musician Mona Steinwidder aka Mohna, the piece is a loose cover of “Al Tadliku Li Ner” (Don’t light a candle for me) by Israeli post punk band HaClique. Conceived as part of a performance at a gallery opening in Hamburg, the piece resonates with the show’s theme of contemplating mortality.


The track was featured in the compilation Red Shadows Vol. 1 by Italian collective Witches Are Back.

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